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The excursion begins at 7 hs from El Calafate. We take the mythic Route 40, that goes along the Argentino Lake up to La Leona river. We will pass by the canyon with the same name “Cañadón La Leona” and after 1.15 h ride we will arrive to the ancient route hotel "La Leona", almost a museum of the Route 40, where you can have coffee and cakes.

Our trip continues along the Lake Viedma, from where we will have magical views of glaciers, hidden lakes and the overpowering presence of the Mount Fitz Roy. We will make a photo stops at the viewpoint of the Viedma Glacier and Lake and after a 3 h ride we will arrive to this andean village called “The Capital of the Trekking”.

trekking en el chalten

As soon as we arrive we will visit the Interpretation Centre and later, from our base -Pudu Lodge- the group will be devided according the chosen option

OPTION 1: CHALTEN FREE (default option): After visiting the interpretation centre we will continue to our base at El Chalten - the Pudu Lodge- from where travellers will start a self guided trek to one of the miradors of the Mount Fitz Roy and Mount Torre (Laguna Capri, Laguna de los Tres, Madre e Hija). You don´t need to be an expert to use the clearly-marked tracks. We will provide you of a map and a packed box to carry in your backpack. Around 18 hs travelers should return to Chalten to meet the group. Technical difficulty: Moderate.

Daily departures from september to April

OPTION 2 ICE TREK - VIEDMA GLACIER Ground transfer the Port of Bahia Tunnel, 1.30 hs boat trip on Viedma lake on direction to the beautiful Viedma Glacier, actually the biggest glacier of the National Park!!

Embark at 11.45 - Duration 6 hs. Lake Viedma-Glacier: 100 mts of level

We arrive to the rocky ridge next to the Viedma Glacier. We get to the edge of the glacier and begin a 2 hs 30’ trek on the ice, reaching crevasses and caves accompagnied by a mountain guide (certified by the Argentine Association of Mountain Guides and the Admin. of National Parks). This is recommended for travelers in a good physical condition. The excursion includes certified mountain guides who lead the groups, crampons and on-board snack. During the excursion there will be a lunch break (Montagne Lunch box is included)

At 17.30 hs we return to the port of Bahia Tunnelto take the transfer back to El Chalten for meeting the group. Difficulty level: moderate - Aimed to people who have are in normal/good shape, and can walk normally on irregular terrain - Minimum age: 12 years. FOR REASONS OF MOTHER NATURE, THIS OPTION WILL NOT BE ABLE FOR THE MOMENT

OPTION 3 : LAGO DEL DESIERTO: after arriving at Chalten we continue our ridelago del desierto taking the route that borders the Rio de las Vueltas taking us deeper into the Lengas and Nires forest. The road ends after one hour ride and 37 kms up to the North arriving at Lago del Desierto. From the pier Punta Sur we'll take a 40 minute boat ride to the natural reserve Vespignani from there areoptional hikes to read the best miradors of Vespignani Glacier and the north face of Mount Fitz Roy.

Departures: monday, wednesday, friday and sunday, from October to March

OPTION 4: SOFT + GLACIAR VIEDMA: After visiting the interpretation centre we will have free time for visiting the village of El Chalten and have lunch in a restaurant or to make a guided hike to Mirador Condor or Mirador Rio de las Vueltas or Mirador of Mount Fitz Roy from Estancia Madsen, according the guide decision . After lunch, we will go to the port of Bahía Tunel from we will do the 2 hour boat trip in front of the Viedma Glacier. At 17.30 hs we return to the port of Bahia Tunnelto take the transfer back to El Chalten for meeting the group.

ice trek glaciar viedma

OPTION 5: CHALTEN TREK PRO: After visiting the interpretation centre we will continue arrive at our base at El Chalten - the Pudu Lodge- where the trekking guide will brief the program and check the outfits and physical conditions, to cehck that everyone is able to do the trek. Later in another vehicle travelers will be transfered upto Río Blanco (Hostería El Pilar) from where the path begins. This one-way guided trek will be passing by Piedras Blancas Glacier, Camp. Base Poincenot, Lakes Madre e Hija. At 15 hs we will arrive at where we will have our lunch at the Domes of the camp with views to the Mount Fitz Roy. At 16 hs we will continue our way down to Chalten where we will arrive at 18 hs. Technical difficulty: exigent.

Departures: monday, wednesda and friday,, from October to March

At 18 hs all the group meets again at Pudu Lodge, our base at El Chalten. Later we will visit Chorrillo del Salto and finally we return to Calafate arriving around 21 hs. Those who have chosen option 2 will be picked up to continue directly to El Calafate.

Timetable: Departure at 7.30 hs (pick up from hotels) | Arrival 21 hs.
Trip time: El Calafate-El Chalten 3 hours with photographic stops | El Chalten-El Calafate: 2.30 hs (non-stop)
Distance: El Calafate / El Chalten 220 km - Spanish/Enlgish guide on transfers El Calafate/El Chalten/El Calafate
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Rates in US dollars per person. Meals included. Beverages not included in the lunch of option 4.

Rates valid for Season 2016/2017

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