When travelling through Southern Patagonia it is very important to hire the services fitting the kind of trip you are making, and according to your adventurer’s. That's why we will help you organize your trip basing on your preferences.

If you are interested in a quiet interactive trip, you will certainly enjoy staying at a wonderful estancia in Santa Cruz, where you will get familiar with all the farm work and have the chance of tasting the best Patagonic lamb.

Another option is a nautical safari to the Upsala, Spegazzini, and Onelli glaciers, or cross de valley of the Río de las Vueltas until reaching Lago del Desierto, Also you can visit different sites to admire the cave paintings; and several other activities according to your profile.

If you are interested in dynamic activities requiring a greater physical effort, we suggest trekking on glaciers, a climbing and rappel course in El Chalten or trekking trips with the degree of difficulty you choose… even on the Southern Patagonia Ice Field.

Whether you prefer a quiet or an active trip, all the possibilities we have mentioned here are just a sample of the many options we can offer you once you have set the date and duration of your trip. We invite you to explore our preset Trips that will help you find the best alternative. Fill in the information form and we will send you a customized trip proposal.

We also offer advice on weather conditions, activities, distances and most interesting destinations for each season.

All our trips are made in the southernmost section of Patagonia, touring the Argentine provinces of Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego; and the Chilean region of Magallanes, that encompasses the southern archipelago and the Chilean portion of Tierra del Fuego.
This area boasts unique wonderful landscapes and the possibility of visiting them all using natural land routes makes up a program that you will enjoy from beginning to end.
There are countless places to see, each and every one of them possesses an appeal that makes them unique.

5 noches / 6 días Parque Nacional los Glaciares (Calafate y Chalten)
5 Nights/ 6 Days Los Glaciares National Park - Calafate + Torres del Paine National Park (Chile)
Nautical Safari
Safari Nautico