Travelling by the lenght of the canyon of the Santa Cruz River, we will get to the mounth of the river that ends in the Atlantic Ocean where we´ll find the first Continental Sea National Park of the country. It´s located 230 kms (3hs) away from El Calafate joined by a lonely and enigmatic track full of history and untouched nature.
This excursion will allow you to discover the steppe and its particular geologil formations and its fauna: Guanacos, Ñandúes (little ostrich), foxes and other characteristic animals of the zone.

The reason of the creation of this National Sea Park is based in the fact that it constitutes our most representative sample of the patagonian coast biodiversity being well preserved and having paleontological value. In this region there is also an important Magellan pengouin colony, composed of more than 60 000 animals, it is the fouth more imporant of the country.
Just 54 km from Santa Cruz port, going by the route no 3, we take a detour taking a road longing the canyons of singular beauty that leads us to the beautiful beaches of Monte Leon.
The Cañadón de los Guanacos: as the road descend, it´s very usual to see from the vehicule many guanacos. Being at the coast we´ll be able to see the majestic “Monte León” that looks like a enormous lying lion, therefore the name.

Taking the detour from the main road, we´ll arrive to the beginning of the path to the pengouin colony. After walking through the steppe we can approach the pengouins.
Head of the Lion and Sea Wolfes path: in our vehicule we arrive to the base of the imponent cliff that looks like a lion. From there we start walking upto the viewpoint of the Sea Wolves colony, from where we´ll see all these animals.
The Island: from the viewpoint, we can observ the Island Monte Leon (Provincial Reserve) and three species of cormorans that nest in there: the gry cormoran, Rocky cormoran and imperial cormoran.

The area is composed by high cliffs, islands, little bays and beaches that let be seen at the falling tide. At that moment, when the tide goes out we will enjoy awalk by the wide beach that will lead us towards a cave digged on the rock by the water, having a big hole that lets the natural light to come in and which walls are covered with sea shells, seaweed and other tiny organisms. It is possible to enter in the cave when the tide is at its lowest level. This is a full day excursion beginning early in the morning.


This excursion is only in private 4x4 vehicules and can be organized any day of the year during summer or winter.
Departure: + - 07AM - Return: + - 09PM.
Distance El Calafate – Monte León 240 Km, 3.30 hs wuth photographic stops / 3 hs to return non stop.
The hike is 1.30 hs and has no difficulties.
Includes: English – spanish speaking guidetour | Box lunch and afternoon snack
Ask us for 2 days programs and for ending our journey at Río Gallegos.


Base 2 passengers

Base 3 passengers

Base 4+ passengers

Rates in USA Dollar per person. Lunch box included.

Season of Penguins from November to March

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