Leaving from El Calafate, we will climb up on 4x4s the Huyliche range up to 3.300 feet.

There is a beautiful landscape to see: the Cordillera de los Andes, the Patagonian steppe and all Argentino Lake’s branches. In the surroundings we will see fantastic rocky formations, showing the geological evolution of the area.

If the day is clear, we will see the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre mountains. We might also contemplate the flight of the condor.

On the summit you will taste the "mate", and then take a short walk to the edge of the balconies.

The way down will be by the south side of the mount. Crossing the Labyrinth of the Stones, curious rocky formation product of the erosion of the wind during thousands of years, where we will find fossil sailor, indigenous remains and diverse rocks and particular stones.

In this zone, we will arrive at our refuge of mountain, where we will have lunch (Only in the raise of midday) a few beef-steaks to the disc to the Patagonian style.

The excursion takes 3 hs and it is possible to do it at different times during the day.


WITH LUNCH at 10AM (3.30 hs)

WITHOUT LUNCH at 2.30 PM & 6 PM (3 hs)

Rates in Us Dollars valid until April 2019. In case of needing services privately, 8 seats must be paid.


Parque Nacional los Glaciares (2 noches / 3 días) Calafate Paine
5 noches / 6 días Parque Nacional los Glaciares (Calafate y Chalten)
Glaciar Perito Moreno
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