Visiting Puerto Madryn is like breathing for the first time ... everywhere the wind becomes music and every sunrise shows the visitor the majesty of the landscape.
Walk around Puerto Madryn ... keep in your memory the images of natural marine life and the magnificence of the cliffs.

Choose kayaking, diving afternoons or a peaceful nap in the quiet bay.

Learn to distinguish the different flavors of our typical food and enjoy the excellence of a first class service.
Visit Puerto Madryn this summer. You can`t lose the gorgeous nature of the Patagonia Argentina.

Puerto Madryn

Situated on Golfo Nuevo, with its clear waters, it is the gateway to Península Valdés reserve, declared World Heritage in 1999 by UNESCO.

This seaside town offers an important number of hotels to lodge the tourists that visit the area all year round to see the whales or just to go land or sea fauna-watching, or go on adventure tours. In addition to this, in the summer it becomes a seaside resort with very good weather conditions to enjoy its golden beaches.

The local airport receives daily flights from Buenos Aires and the visitor can fly to El Calafate and Ushuaia from here as well. On the other hand, its local port increases its touristic importance year after year due to the visit of the most prestigious cruise ship lines in the world.

Whale Season and Summer. Over 5km. beach on which lies the city, there are seven beaches that most restaurants and coffee shops operate throughout the year, with summer water activities are practiced. In winter, when tourists returning from excursions usually leave around the city by bike, walking along the waterfront or the mall, walks ideal for experiencing the peace and security provided by the city. During the whale season (June to December) can often see whales from shore and at night you can hear the typical sounds.

In Puerto Madryn propose the following excursions:

Full Day Peninsula Valdes

Full Day Punta Tombo with Rio Chubut Valley:

Whales from Playa Doradillo by 4x4

Cerro Avanzado - Punta Loma by 4x4

Pensla Valdes
Glaciar Viedma
Cerro Avanzado
Glaciar Viedma
Playa Doradillo
Glaciar Viedma